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Financial Wellness Check Up

What Is Your Financial Wellness?

If your answer to any of the below questions is anything but a confident “yes”, let’s set a time to chat.

Tax Planning – Do you feel you use all available techniques to reduce your federal and state taxes?

Investment Planning – Are you happy with your level of risk and returns this past year? Does this level match your goals and timeline?

Retirement Planning – Have you had an analysis done to see if you can continue the same lifestyle in retirement that you enjoy today?

Income Planning – Do you feel comfortable that if you’re disabled or a major life event occurs that all of your personal and/or business bills will be paid?

Asset Preservation – Does your life and liability insurance cover your financial needs, and more importantly, those you may leave behind?

Estate Planning – Do you have current, properly drafted, and fully funded (if applicable) estate documents that protect your family and your wishes? Will all work smoothly when they have to be enacted?

Business Planning – Do you have an accurate valuation for your business? Do you have a succession plan in place that honors your wishes and maximizes your value?

Education Planning – Have you determined what needs to be invested now and over time to provide for your children or grandchildren’s education?

Debt Management – Are you using debt to your advantage?

Special Needs – Does your plan include providing for anyone with special needs (Alzheimer’s, physical or intellectual disabilities, M.S., alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.)?

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